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add IELTS-related links for students and teachers (official sites and the ones that I trust)

Activities for Lower and Intermediate Level Students

New Year in Australia About Leon Present Continuous Opposites 1&2 Languages &Nationalities: Crossword
The Echidna On, In, At Verb Forms (easy) Before or After Ask me a question
The Three Sisters Sports & Pastime Verbs: 2nd form Celebrations: Hangman Australilan Animals: Hangman
The story of the Wombat Twins(Comparisons) The Chinese in Australia Shopping: Hangman Relaive pronouns
Shopping in China Town Shopping in Market City Collective Nouns Transport: Hangman  

Vocabulary: confusing pairs

Above or Over Under or Below Watch, See or Look Tall or High Small or Little
Raise or Rise (NEW) Much or Many

Quizzes for Upper Intermediate and Advanced Level Students

Word Ladder Coogee Beach

Holidays (Present Perfect)

Prepositions of time

This/ That, which or it
Camels Parallel Structures Articles with Geographical names Wrong Sentences Scrambled sentences
Sir Florey Aussies Gerunds, infinitives or prepositions Verb Synonyms 1&2 Cheesemaking
Rowing Crossword puzzle: Fashion Australian History: conditionals Verb Form Western Australia: adjectives
Multiple choice: A mixed bag of sentences Know Your phobias Idioms Remember: A gerund or an infinitive
The 'economy' words: choose the right form Love and Marriage: Vocab. Matching Linking Words: Adapted from 202 Useful Exercises for IELTS Travel Idioms (NEW)
Being The Best (from Cambridge BEC Higher 4) (NEW) Business and Businesses:  Vocabulary (NEW)  Famous Quotes: Conditionals:(NEW) 



Australian History, Geography and Animals

Comparisons (easy) Australian animals Quiz 1 Quiz 2
Australian animals hangman Australia Day Aussie Talk
Australian animals crossword Aussie Jingle Bells
Aussie Jingle Bells printable
Englishes: British, American and Australian (NEW)  

Pronunciation (some with Tongue Twisters)

L vs R

Th vs T&S

Vowel Pairs

W vs F vs V Homophones Odd-man-out

S vs Sh

B vs P

Match the vowels

/id/, /d/ or /t/ Rhyming Words  

Authentic Listening (Printouts)

New worksheets are added regularly. Latest update: 08.05.2017

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Reith Lectures, Engines of Our Ingenuity and other sources

Teacher's Corner

song worksheets, pronunciation printables, etc

Activities and Links

TAFE Homepage

World newspapers on-line

Nursery Rhymes: Grammar

About me

English for Computing

Computer Terminology (difficult)


Hardware: Odd-man-out

Word Processing: Odd-man-out

Communication Systems

Basic Vocabulary

Types of Computers Computer Virus

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