Raise or Rise

These words, especially their verb forms, are easily confused.

Put the correct form of raise or rise in the sentences.
0. Salaries are expected by 4 per cent next year.
Salaries are expected to rise by 4 per cent next year.

1. By 2007 the figure to 60%.
2. Prices considerably last year.
3. and shine!
4. Tax cuts have real income.
5. The number of workers participating in the profit-sharing scheme since 2018 due to increased profits.
6. She's been out of paid employment for several years. She stays at home her children.
7. Over the last decade, the cost of living significantly.
8. By 2019, the median age of the global workforce to 38.9 years. By 2025, it is expected to 39.6.
9. The 2020 figures for unemployment have shown a significant in part-time jobs.
10. The weekend charity run funds for MS research.
11. Would all those in favour please their hands?
12. Let's all our glasses to the successful campaign.
13. He from his seat and made for the door.
14. Sales by zero point four per cent last month.
15. Foreign investment in Thailand by 79% last year.
16. Do you think you can get a pay ?
17. The Treasury has decided interest rates as a pre-emptive measure against inflation.
18. I was to show respect to my elders.
19. The hurricane is hell with travellers flying in and out of the region.
20. Her pink hair definitely caused some eyebrows at the job interview.
21. If you're going to lead this team, you've got to the occasion and start motivating them.