Much or Many?

We ususally use 'many' with countable nouns, and 'much' with uncountable. However, depending on the meaning, some nouns can be both. And this obviouisly causes confusion!

- Hey! Do you have to do today? No, not . Why are you asking?
- I’ve been given so homework that I can’t finish it by the end of the day. And I still have 3 tasks to go. Not time left.
- I don’t have choice, do I? How times have I told you to start working on your tasks earlier!
- So, you’re going to help? Thank you so !

- Which one is correct, more people or more people?
- Well, since people is uncountable in this meaning, it should be more people, right?
- Right. So why then people use more people?
- I guess because more people sounds right.
- That’s it? I was hoping for a better answer.
- Ok, Ok. People is actually countable. People is the plural of person.

- How is this book?
- It's rather expensive, I'm afraid.

- How are you expected to pay for the course?
- Actually, it's not that expensive. $500 dollars or so.

3. And now, something a bit more difficult!
*There are so fish in the lake!
* He caught so fish.
* We won’t be able to eat that much .
* There’s not room for error. We need to do this quickly and efficiently.
* The castle had rooms, and we got lost.
* Why would you have so irons? You hardly ever iron your shirts anyway!
* You have way too iron in your blood!
* Why is there so glass on the floor? Have you broken something?
* How many are there in a bottle of wine?
* - I bought a new pair of glasses.
- How do you have already?
* - You eat a lot of sugar. Too I think.
- No, I don't eat .
* - How sugars do you want?
- Two spoons, please.