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Choose the best answer. Sometimes two options are possible.
  1. I haven't been to Broome 2019 when we spent a couple of weeks there.
  2. I haven't even started working on my assignment, yet it has to be submitted Friday.
  3. The plane to Darwin leaves two hours. Hurry or we'll be late.
  4. Christams holidays we usually spend a lot of time on the beach. But we always make sure we are not there the afternoon when the sun is especially dangerous. We are usually on the beach 11 o'clock but might come back much later in the afternoon, five.
  5. Nobody's lived in this house many years the last owner suddently dissapeared. Some people say that the house is haunted.I believe it was bought by a publican last September. He wants to change it into a guesthouse. I think it will be popular with the tourists who rush to this region spring when the flowers are blossoming.
  6. Are you really sure you want to go to the Blue Mountains Easter? It might be pretty cold there that time of the year.
  7. I hardly made it to the shelter. It started raining soon . Once started the rain didn't stop a week.
  8. the time I was young I have been dreaming about going to Coober Pedy but somehow the time was always wrong but I am definitely going this year, probably Easter.
  9. We have to be at Chatswood a quater to 10 and not a minute later.. Our teacher will be waiting for us there. We have to buy some meat for a BBQ. Don't forget the bus leaves ten past.
  10. I go to Adelaide every fortnight. My company's headquaters is there.

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